A dozen details you really need to know about Scenario

We really are quite different from a photo booth, and we do our best work when you know all about our process long before the day of the event. We construct a complete photography studio to make this “event within the event” happen, and it requires more planning, space, time, electricity, and crew than you might expect.

Scenario Photo Booth Space

Space One Our space requirements vary from shoot to shoot, but 20ft x 30ft, a hard level floor, and 10ft high ceiling are usually the minimums we need to operate. Can we do it in less space? Maybe. We always do our best to accommodate the constraints of a location, but we’ll need a site visit or detailed diagram beforehand to figure out if we can take up a smaller footprint.

Overhead set view at The Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Pre-production One month

These shoots aren’t something that we can just throw together! We need time to conceptualize and design the set, get you to approve it, then buy, build, order, print and test it all so we can achieve the high quality you expect from us.

Set-up time Seven Hours

We set up an entire photography studio with multiple lights, a sophisticated network of computers, printers, displays and monitors, and build a full set from scratch, into your event space. Once everything is in place, we start a lighting process that can take several hours to get just right. Then our crew takes a meal break before your guests arrive so we can keep shooting non-stop, all night long.

Custom Set Design

We take great pride in custom designing sets unique for your event. We begin our process by finding out as much information as possible:

- Event date, hours and location

- Event theme/desired vibe

- Guest demographics/attire

- Personal requests from host

Based on the information you give us we design a custom set to reflect your event and your personal style. We pitch you our best ideas, and you pick your favorite. So be as specific as possible with your notes and tell us as much as possible! Remember- we conceptualize each set based on the details you provide, so the more we know, the better it gets!

Being Fashionable with Props

We style our shoots with specific props to go with each set. This does not include boas, over-sized glasses, goofy wigs, or cut-out mustaches.

Pro Photographer

Unlike photo booths which have an automated machine snapping the photos, we have professional photographers who not only decide on when to click the shutter button, but they actually direct your guests! We coax and encourage our subjects to go just a little beyond their comfort zone, and lead them through poses that put them in their best light.
We have teams of talented, specially trained for Scenario, photographers across the U.S. that help make it possible for us to produce the number of events we do each year. Typically John oversees the art direction and pre-production of every shoot before turning the live event over to his trusted crew

Print Sizes are 5x7

The standard print size for photo booths is 4×6 or wallet sized strips. Like every aspect of our business, we go big or we go home!

Not only do guests get a free 5×7 print right on the spot, they can download or order as many prints as they like (for a fee) from their own private, password-protected gallery afterwards. We give each event it’s own site, and upload every photo from your big night.

Custom Photo Jackets

One of the best things about Scenario is that we protect every photo in a custom made jacket designed especially for your event. Photo jackets can use any artwork, logo or creative idea you can think up. This creates one more opportunity for you to extend a brand, promote an event or reach out to your guests with a personal message.

Photo jackets are made of high quality card stock, pre-cut, scored and folded to hold each freshly printed 5 X 7 photographs.

On the back of the jackets we print our logo along with the web address your guests will need to find their online gallery. The rest is up to you!

Katy Perrys Photo Jacket

Average Crew Size

Our professional, enthusiastic crews happily work long hours to make the magic happen. Essentially producing a small event within your event. Half of the crew are photo professionals and the other half are hosts, guiding guests through the Scenario process. Here’s what that looks like-

- Guests are greeted by a host, who acts like a stylist and helps them with prop selections.

- Once they’re on the set, the lead photographer guides them through various poses and takes an average of 8 photos per group.

- After the shoot, guests are led to a print station, where they review their photos and pick their favorite one to print. At this time we also get their email address, so we can send them a link to the online gallery after the event.

- Another host places their 5 X 7 print into it’s custom photo jacket and explains how they’ll find their other photos in the online gallery.

- Guests re-enter the party, contagiously smiling and exhilarated by the experience.

The Scenario crew takes a quick test shot on our “Union Jack” set before guests arrive at the Brit Week Launch Party in Hancock Park.
Scenario Crew Test Shot
Power Circuits Needed

We have very specific power needs which are crucial to our operation. Keep in mind that our sets consists of multiple pro-lighting heads, multiple Apple computers, 55” plasma display, wind machines, etc.

Average Number of Lights

Our lights (also called “heads” in the pro photo world) are the key to our success. We will often spend hours on site finessing our lighting so that the set really “pops” and to ensure that your guests will look beautiful under our star lighting. Above all else, this is why we simply cannot be called a photo booth.

Effect on Your Event

Having a Scenario shoot at your event transforms it into something unforgettable. We give everyone who steps onto our set the star treatment- and they leave bubbling with energy and huge smiles they carry with them for the rest of the night. It simply puts your crowd in a great mood!

Browse our video page and you’ll get a glimpse of this.

The Scenario

Scenario’s elaborate “French Parlor” set was an integral part of event planner Katy Higgins’s “Let Him Eat Cake” event. Which earned her the Global Gala Award for “Best Event Produced for an Individual” in 2012.

“Guests go bananas over his work! Each custom shoot is a world apart from a “photo booth”, and contains complexities that even a highly experienced event planner doesn’t fully appreciate until the day he sets up. John’s Scenario crew are more like a film crew setting up a commercial- they need that kind of space and have that same kind of contagious Hollywood effect on your event. My best advice- just trust him. Let him run with his ideas and get him what he needs – He will make you look amazing! “

-Katy Higgins, Cosmopolitan Event

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